Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Macaroni and Cheese...on Crack

Hello Ladies! I am happy to be joining your recipe blog and hope I can contribute in a yummy way. I am mom to 3 kids ages 4, 2 1/2, and 6 months so many of my recipes will probably be this one! My husband travels all of the time and so I have little motivation to bake a casserole for my kids. That is how I stumbled upon this mac and cheese creation. Very healthy, kid friendly, and quite yummy if I do say so myself.

1 box mac and cheese (I use Annie's Organic mac and cheese)
3/4 c. butternut squash (pureed)
1 c. frozen peas, unthawed
1/2 c. diced ham, warmed (I use the microwave!)

Make mac and cheese as directed on package. Add butternut squash, peas, and diced ham. Voila!

The butternut squash adds a bit of a sweet flavor and the ham adds a little salt for a good combination. A good source of protein, veggies, and good ol' fashioned mac and cheese goodness.


jenny said...

yay i'm glad you joined! is this from the book by jerry seinfield's wife? i remember she had a recipe with mac and cheese with pureed squash.

can anyone tell me how to puree if you don't have a food processor? i have a magic bullet i've never used, can i do it in that?

The White Family said...

No, this isn't from her cookbook, but that is where the idea to add purees came from. You can totally puree in a magic bullet - that's what I do! Go to and search for "Jessica Seinfeld recipes" and she will tell you how to puree most anything! :) Enjoy!